Food Processors Institute proudly presents..

What we offer:

  • World class content Developed in conjunction with industry leaders and key global subject matter experts
  • Meets GFSI/ FSMA/ FSEP/Preventive controls requirements Acceptable source to fill training GAPS
  • Accessible Available 24/7/365 through any internet connection
  • Affordable Buy as you need it training or set up your own learning center. Whatever you need, we have the solutions.
  • Scaleable Our software can easily accommodate a range of client needs with the ability to create unlimited accounts and manage student records and metrics easily
  • Easy to Administer Create new accounts in seconds, add new students or edit/view records
  • Easy to Edit You can edit our loaded course materials to reflect YOUR specific hazards, policies or procedures that are unique to your operation.
  • Easy to customize You can add your own course materials. Our unique course production software can reduce time to load and costs by up to 80%. & Food Processors Institutes

HACCP-training in conjunction with the Canadian Food Processors Institute is pleased to be able to offer professionals in the food and beverage industry, sensible, logical, effective online training options. With our user-friendly and convenient platform, employees from all sectors can increase their skills and knowledge in a variety of subjects. These new skills and certifications lead to career development, higher job satisfaction, and safer products.

Who could use our courses?

  • Auditors and consultants
  • Plant Management and Supervisory Staff
  • Plant Workers
  • Meat Cutters
  • Shipping and Receiving Personnel
  • HACCP Team Leaders/Members
  • HR Ocupational Health and Safety
  • and much more..

Frequently Asked Questions

In order to select the courses you want purchase, simply go to the courses we offer page and click purchase and it will direct you to the correct purchase area for your transaction.
Our courses have been used successfully by multiple regulatory and auditing bodies with their own clients to help them meet mandated HACCP training requirements for their food safety plans.
All of our courses with the exception of HACCP Basics for Food Handlers are recognized by the International HACCP Alliance, and are equivalent to a 2 day classroom course.


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